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"A good place to live is a good place to visit" 

What is sustainable tourism? 



There are two very clear definitions of sustainable tourism through out the world.


One implies that the tourist is responsible for the sustainability while the other implies the operator is responsible for the sustainability of their environment.


Our Vision 



Although both definitions above are accurate and both play their part in sustainable tourism neither of them really combine to create a broad spectrum umbrella where by EVERYONE is responsible for the sustainability of a particular tourism sector or tourism as a whole. Our vision is not only to combine both life cycles of each definition above but to create and add a third cycle with a long term goal of having the three cycles meet in the merge slightly to create a nucleus on true sustainability with in the tourism sector. 


How do we get there?

There are many ways to go about creating a sustainable tourism industry... each one is unique and each one brings something to the party that someone else may never have thought of, so before we go forward explaining what we plan to do it is important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to create a sustainable tourism industry. The idea is to ensure that everyone' goal is the same and to keep trying new ways to achieve the ultimate end goal. 

With that being said, we at Hout Bay tourism have identified two key short falls within our town and our country as a whole, these two short falls are prominent in almost every corner of Hout Bay and South Africa yet they co exist next to one another and ,in truth, are a nasty blemish on an other wise perfect corner of the earth. We truly believe that the two initiatives we have chosen to focus on for now will aid in creating a better step forward for our community, our country and, of course, our visitors 

To have a look at our front running initiatives then please click on the respective links below. 

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How to get involved

For more information how you can get involved with any of these initiatives please use the contact form below